Tour de Cure

After the awesome experience I had at last year’s Tour de Cure which supports the American Diabetes Association, I’m riding again this year. This is a fantastic event, and last year it raised $1.25 million with 2,300 participants. Last year I raised $650 myself, and so this year I decided to try to stretch for $1,000. Won’t you help me get there?

It is getting nice out there…

Screenshot 2014-04-11 15.12.49

Took the day off work to… not work. Started out the morning with this view.

I broke my longest-ride record. Have I mentioned that I love my new bike? I did have a couple technical issues though… I paused my Edge to look at my cue sheet, and forgot to resume it when I carried on. I then realized later that my cadence was 0. Looking down, I realized that the zip tie that held the crank magnet was hanging on my crank loose with, guess what, no magnet under it. I know where I lost it, kinda (based on the telemetry), but it’s about 100′ of road and a tiny black magnet. Pass. This is cheaper. (I know I could do the rare-earth-magnet thing but I’m lazy and want something that works.

Trying Washout Again

Sunday was beautiful. I had wanted to go out again since Thursday, and did, leaving from the house to do essentially the same ride. This time I had my Virb though, and so I got some video of going down the hill.

At around 2:08, there are some cows on the right… you can only sort of make it out in the video but the one cow by the fence followed me with his head.

After my ride, we went to the Saratoga Winery for a tasting. I’m a very boring wine drinker but it was an interesting experience. We ended up coming home with two bottles… whoops.

And while we were in the parking lot of the Winery, I realized how close we were to the airport where my dad is part of Adirondack Soaring. So we stopped by, since Cate had never seen the gliders taking off.


It all made for a good weekend!

It feels good to ride again

First lunch time ride of the year. I was under dressed (only had a bike jersey on), which sucked coming down Washout. I was also out of shape, since, as a guy walking his dog so nicely yelled, “what, the old guys have to circle back for the kid?!?”

Throwing K-Cups In Glass Houses –

Can you blame people for enjoying a simple, automatic, one-button system, considering the alternatives that we keep making ever more complicated, fussy, and demanding of their time and technique?

I love enjoying fussy coffee, but I also love walking out in the morning in a zombie state, slamming a K-Cup into my machine, hitting the button, and a minute later is a fresh cup of coffee waiting for me. The alternative, grinding beans, setting up the Melitta, getting the grounds into the Melitta without dumping them everywhere, heating water, pouring, and cleaning up, is a lot of work for 6 am.

The My K-Cup and other similar devices don’t work for me either, since they too are work.

Maybe with the K-Cup patent expiring someone will make an at-home K-Cup maker… using some of those fancy environmentally friendly materials. Let me spend some time on the weekend grinding and packing K-Cups with beans of my choice to drink during the week.