An Active Weekend

My legs hurt. Should have mixed swimming in.

Saturday’s weather was crap, so I took a run in the rain. My watch (which had sat dormant for a week while I rode) died about a half mile into the run, so I ended up running without any technology. It was both freeing and quite annoying, since I think I did really well but I don’t know how well. For dinner, I thought it would be a good idea to ride my bike over to the grocery store. ecomagination and all.

Sunday, I went out for a quick ride, looping to the town park and back. I pushed it hard and it felt great!

(if you recall, I took this picture from the closer side of the bridge 21 months ago. This time I figured I would take it from the back side.)

Today, Cate and I rode out almost the same distance, but we did a café stop on the way back. That was so much fun (but boy do I wish I was on my road bike and not my hybrid for that ride).

Then, after a delicious grilled steak and zucchini dinner, we decided to walk the mile and a half to TCBY. Calorie neutral activity, sure, but not after 25 miles on hybrids. Ow.

I’ll sleep well tonight.

Ok, enough running (for now)

And with that, my May race schedule is completed.

I did an OK 10k, a surprisingly good 3.5 Workforce Challenge (I think the new course helped a lot with my Workforce time), a PR 5k, and in between all of that, did my longest long run.

Now I have to jump on the bike and make sure I can handle the Tour de Cure in two weeks. That will be my longest ride too.

After the Tour, I start my training plan for the Half Marathon in September, and I’m still giving semi serious thought to doing Drops to Hops the week after!

I’m nuts.

Running… Running… Running…

My upcoming schedule… Because I’m not insane or anything…

  • May 8: 10 k Race (GE Campus)
  • May 15: Workforce Team Challenge (3.5m, “Albany”)
  • May 17: Lifesong’s 5K Race (Halfmoon Town Park)
  • May 31: Cate is running Freihofer’s
  • June 1: Tour de Cure 50 mile
  • July 4: Firecracker 4 (Hope it is cooler than last year…)
  • September 21: Saratoga Palio (Half Marathon)

I’m sure the summer will fill in too.

Oh, and I got a pool membership so I can learn how to swim and have my eyes on Hudson Crossings Tri next summer.

Tour de Cure

After the awesome experience I had at last year’s Tour de Cure which supports the American Diabetes Association, I’m riding again this year. This is a fantastic event, and last year it raised $1.25 million with 2,300 participants. Last year I raised $650 myself, and so this year I decided to try to stretch for $1,000. Won’t you help me get there?