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3 months with runcoach and look at me now!

This spring, on the advice of my sister, I read the Daniels’ Running Formula. It was a really good read, and I learned a lot about how to run from reading it. Before this point, all I was doing when I went out was aimlessly killing myself. I would run a couple times a week if that, doing 10 miles on a good week. My average paces were in the low 8s, but I would dread those runs. Leading up to my “May Racing Series” I ran only a few times, and I think the only reason I did so well at the 5k was that my body was used to racing.

The book explained a totally different way to think of running for me, focusing on the different intensity levels, something other than ass kicking. I must admit, the first couple times out at the “proper” “easy” pace were… aggravatingly slow. I tried building a schedule using what was in the Daniel’s book and floundered around a bit.

When Garmin announced their new API platform and the day one partners (Training Peaks and runcoach), I started poking around. I signed up for the trial of runcoach and set up the initial plan. The concepts they use are very similar to what were in the Daniels book, and it had the “direction” that I wanted. It has been awesome this summer. The first “Goal Race” I put in was the Sprint for Soldiers 5k which I won my age group in. That’s a result.

Turns out having a specific schedule each week building throughout the summer really works. Every weekend the past few weekends have been distance PRs for me on my long runs, and my track workouts each week have gotten faster and faster.

We’ll see how it pays off this weekend with my 10k, and the weekend following with my half marathon! Either way, I definitely got results out of it and am going to set up Mrs. Awesome with an account.

General, Outdoor Stuff

A new PR!

Yesterday morning Cate and I ran in the Sprint for Soldiers Niskayuna. When I saw it advertised, I figured it would be a small run on the super flat section of the Bike-Hike trail, and I smelled a good morning. I didn’t think it would be a great morning. The park is only 7 miles away along the trail, so to avoid the traffic snafu with the limited parking they have, we rode our bikes over. While we were on our way over, the cyclists who were doing the Erie Canal ride (Buffalo to Albany) were just getting onto the trail for their last day of riding, which made for an interesting amount of traffic.

The results were surprising. (Link to the ARE rendering, I can’t find the actual results posted anywhere.)

I lined up about 15′ back, behind the people who looked fast (and those who stood up with them), but still ahead of the majority of the field. I think I picked a good spot, because I only remember being passed by two people (one of whom I passed about a mile later), and only passed two on the way out. On the way back (it was an out and back), I ended up passing the last two people with about 3/4 of a mile to go. With about a quarter mile to go, I realized that there weren’t many people with bibs on standing around. That’s about all I remember because I just started pouring what was left on.

After I finished and rejoined my group one of them mentioned that I had finished possibly fifth overall. I realized at this point that I had likely placed in age group. As they announced the winners for the M20-29, I realized “I passed that guy…” “I passed that guy…” and then the DJ made the horrible Mark Wahlberg joke.

I won.

I mean, it was just my age group, but I got a medal that wasn’t a “participant medal” in a race.

After that, just because, I decided to scope out the course of a duathlon that I’m thinking of doing this fall. So you know, hammering out another 23 miles. Because.

(I’m going to sign up for that duathlon as soon as it opens. Hell yes. Not enough hills though, I’ll have to get good at cruising. And transition. Changing shoes twice scares me on what it is going to do with my time.)

((Who would have thought that I’d like hills so much. I wouldn’t have the first time I went up Snake Hill on my Hybrid.))


Went for a ride with a friend after work. This of course is after I already ran 4 miles this morning, and woke up at 3:30 am for a conference call. But my Fitbit says I was lazy and only did four thousand steps. Ha!

2014-07-11 at 18.16.01

Now to get Wes to climb hills. The great thing about work is the easy access we have to some great hills to our west, both on the north and south side of the river.


A great evening for a ride


An update to Pulse Notifications

A couple weeks back, ADT added support for severe weather warnings to the Pulse system. Of course, I hadn’t updated my script, but got conditioned to open the NWS page for my area whenever I got a parsing error (“Donno…”).

I finally fixed that this weekend. The script will now shove as much of the headline of the NWS post as possible over Pushover… which is at least enough to prompt you to launch your weather app of choice and look at the bulletin.

Updated code is on Kiln here