Brace your code

You know, I’ve been lazy before with my code… Unfortunately, I’ve done this more than once (exaggerated intentionally, I’m not this bad): while(some condition) for(some iterator) if(some other condition) some method call After the reason behind iOS 7.0.6 came out, it was discovered that this was the cause of the bug: if ((err = ReadyHash(&SSLHashSHA1,… Continue reading Brace your code

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Comcast Wants to Buy Time Warner Cable

The assignment I referred to in my previous post came out before the Kabletown/TWC merger announcement, but when that came out, I knew exactly what to write about. Daring Fireball: Comcast Wants to Buy Time Warner Cable for $44 Billion. Why you should be scared of Comcast and Time Warner Cable merging | The Verge.