So I bought a new phone

Release day, like an absolute tool, I was standing in line in front of my local Apple Store to pick up my new iPhone 6. Here’s what I think of it and iOS 8 after having it for a little over a month:

The size is ok. When I look at my 5c, it feels small, almost like the 4 to 5 transition. I don’t have any pocket fitting issues, but the cup holder insert that came with the car for holding the phone no longer fits the phone. Apps which needed to be scaled up to fit the phone (like Facebook until yesterday) had a bit of fuzz, but I enjoyed the larger text size. (I must be getting old)

It’s fast. I’m coming from a 5 and 5c, so even my wife’s 5s felt snappy compared to it. And ‘dat screen…

It’s thin, light, and wider. I was terrified of holding it until I stuck it in a case. I bought an Apple leather case like I had on my 5. It adds a nice feel to it.

Touch ID is nifty, but anything beyond laziness is limited for me. Some of the things that it unlocks like 1Password are great, but I’m not going to make my master password (more) complicated since I still have to log in on three computers and an iPad with a keyboard (like an animal).

I was super excited for HomeKit, but skeptical. ADT, Lowes/iris, etc. all make money through lock in. Collaboration and interconnection with other apps from other vendors did not seem like something they would partake in. I wanted to play with it too, but all hardware has to pass MFi, ruling out any hobbyist tinkering. I bought some GE Link bulbs which work with Wink, but without an API, they’re mostly toys. I have some Hue bulbs on my Christmas list, which I hope to get and play with.

I’ve used Apple Pay twice. The first time at Panera I had no idea what to expect, and I don’t think the cashier did either. The second was at a self checkout at BJ’s, where the only time saved was the time swiping the card, and it actually ended up being slower because I already have to get my wallet out for the membership card. First world problems.

I’ve got thoughts on HealthKit but I’m breaking them out into another post.