Is 2015 the year of the multi-sport?

Last weekend I completed my first multi-sport event: The Mohawk Towpath Duathalon. It was a 2 mile run, a 17 mile bike, and then back out onto the running course for another 2 miles.

It was bitter cold and windy before the start. Don’t believe me?


It was kind of a dreary overcast too.


I set myself up on the back row of transition, furthest from the entrance and exits of the course, but I had tons of room. For my first time I figured that was important. I looked around at the other bikes, and they thankfully were quite varied, with everything from a kid on her 16″ bike, to a guy on a single speed cycle cross bike, to people on hybrids, to road bikes (of varying vintage), to the guys in the front row of transition with their Specialized Shivs and aero helmets.


Everyone huddled around the start to get our instructions (and to stay warm).


Off we went for our first 2 miles of running. I felt good, and I kept pulling myself back a bit because I didn’t want to go out too hot. About 15 minutes later, I came back into transition.


Got my helmet and bike shoes on,


And headed out for a 17 mile ride.


Thankfully the ride starts on a downhill, which makes it easy to struggle with your clips. After that quick jaunt where I averaged just over 18 miles an hour (fast!), I climbed back up that hill to return to transition.


After having shoe issues in transition, I ended up kneeling on my left leg for quite a while, probably close to a minute. It may look like I’m enjoying myself in this picture, but I’m really not. I can’t contract my left calf. It hurtssss.


After about a quarter mile, my leg started relaxing. I wasn’t fast, and I wasn’t springy, but I was moving forward and that’s what counts. I must have made up time as my leg felt better, because my average pace for the second run was 8:06.


Finishing in about ninety minutes, for my first multi-sport race, was really satisfying. TurnsOut(TM) that I placed third in my age group (we left before awards) according to the official results.

Of course, I was at Riverview Orchards, so I had to have some athlete food after!


The Strava record is a mess from trying to “fix” it to show up as three sports. Here’s the Garmin version, it should be clear what the 5 laps are.

After doing this, I really want to do more of these multi-sport events next year. I just need to learn to swim (efficiently). And I want a watch that understands these things, but I can’t have everything.