Thoughts on HealthKit

Initially, I believed that HealthKit shouldn’t be panned as much as it is. I didn’t think the point of HealthKit is the Health app.

To me, HealthKit is just like HomeKit: it’s a clearinghouse (or wire nut) for information for one app to write to another. I currently do this through some hacky magic between Fitbit, Garmin Connect, MyFitnessPal, and Strava. If Fitbit would write my weight to the health app and Strava and Garmin could read it from there, that would be great. People who open the Health app and expect magic are thinking of the “now.” Now that apps are out there, I think developers will start shaking out what they’re planning on doing.

Then, last night, I saw this commercial.

(I realize now that this commercial is old. I don’t watch much TV.)

Honestly, I wouldn’t be promoting the Health app yet. I would wait: let the app developers figure out what metrics they’re going to collect and upload to the app over the next year, let the watch come out and start recording fitness, etc. and then once people’s Health apps are already populated with a large corpus of information, start pushing Health as the dashboard.

Right now the app is empty. I have a 6, so it logs my steps, but they’re not my actual steps since I leave the phone sitting around a lot. If Fitbit could write the steps it records, that would be more accurate. Currently my weight is not automatically getting added, and I’m too lazy to enter it by hand from my INTERNET CONNECTED SCALE.