Where I’ve run and biked…

Personal Heatmap

After finding some heat map tools while researching a different project, I decided to try to load all of the FIT files from my watch and bike computer into a map and see what comes out. Some patterns definitely show up too… Obviously there’s a dense blob where I typically run around the house and the office. But also: the large loops to the north are from my Tour de Cure rides; the yellow gash down the left edge is from when my watch turned on when I was flying home from Toronto (back when Albany International Airport had international flights); that same yellow gash cuts through two different times when I left my watch running when leaving the Christman Sanctuary.

It also points out to me how close Saratoga and the portions of central-western Saratoga County (north of Ballston) really are. I want to build some mileage during the summer, so seeing how close those places really are is encouraging, since there’s a lot of activity in that area on the Strava Global Heatmap.

I may throw the code up, but it isn’t deserving of being called crude. I have a local cache of FIT files that I save off my devices periodically, and the script just opens those files, looks for all of the latitude and longitude pairs in the activity, and adds them to the heat map (roughly 222k points). All of the coloring and stuff is handled by heatmap.js.