Post race awesomeness

Itch scratched. Must keep itching.

In my last post I outlined the calendar I had for the fall, and now I’m almost done with that list, which means it is a perfect time to revisit it, right?

September 1: Hot August Nights – MTB Race in Central Park. My first mountain bike race (and just plain bike race), and it was a blast. It was also at Central Park, where I had crashed hard in mid July and hadn’t been back to since. What could go wrong? Turns out, not much.

HRRT Hot August Nights #2

I started about 3/4s of the way through the pack, and sat behind a junior for the first half of the first lap until they had to pull off. At this point I realized that the speed limit imposed by the junior was helping, because my technical ability went out the window as I started flying. I went to ride over a log, clipped my handle bars on a tree, and slammed the horn of my saddle into my inner thigh (OW!), but I finished the first lap, skipping boards and riding through the dirt next to them, and walking my bike across the bridges to and from the back section.

HRRT Hot August Nights #2

When I got back to the gravel road to start the second lap, I thought I was doing great. I started making the turn into the trail for lap two and got up on the pedals to quick… skrissh I put my pedal into the step which is just past the first part of the trail. Everyone around the tent was concerned, but I shouted “I’m good! I got this!” Much to my surprise (and delight), that seemed to trigger a chorus of “he’s good!” from those gathered which definitely gave me a little boost. In the finish for this lap, I ended up neck and neck against a friend, and spun out going 20 mph on gravel. (I lost by a bike length)

September 3: 10k. DNS. Went for an awesome bike ride instead, climbing Rector and then Washout before wandering around Glenville and Charlton. Bikes are fun. Cate ran it though and had a good time.

September 12: MHCC Century Weekend. 98.6 miles. Turns out when your front wheel starts doing this at mile 55, it is a long way home:

I still finished though, and the Best Bike Shop Ever got Trek/Bontrager to warranty the repair. It was a great experience though. Cate also rode the 50 mile, which was over double her longest previous ride!

September 15: Hot August Nights (again). Learning from my last experience, I think I did better this time. Getting the hang of this whole thing. Don’t I look like srsbzns?

HRRT Hot August Nights #4

September 26: Drops to Hops! Woah. I entered the “B” race at 23 miles. I was with 2 teammates in the breakaway, and got dropped about half way up the second climb. Even with that though, I ended up coming in third in my age group!

Drops to HopsDrops to Hops

I recorded the race on my Virb, and noticed something: I spent way too much time cutting through air. Next year (I’m doing the “A” race), I’m keeping my nose behind someone else’s wheel for much longer. It was still an awesome experience though, and I learned a bunch.

Drops to HopsDrops to Hops

October 18: Mohawk Towpath Duathlon. Hell yeah! This was kind of my big deal race to close out the year. I’ve been having a nagging foot thing (probably shoe related) that I need to address, so I wasn’t running much, but even then I’m super impressed with my result. (Second in age group, 1:26)

Mohawk Towpath DuathlonMohawk Towpath Duathlon

Even more impressive were these two, who both did their first Du’s and I got to cheer into the finish!

Mohawk Towpath DuathlonMohawk Towpath DuathlonMohawk Towpath DuathlonMohawk Towpath Duathlon

I also accomplished some other things this fall too… Last year we went to a friend’s party at Thacher Park and I had the (then) crazy idea that I wanted to ride up the road to the park. Check!

Atop Thacher!

Ride my bike to the end of the bike path in Albany? Check!

At the USS Slater

Oh, and my goal of riding 2,000 miles this year? Check+!

Screen Shot 2015 10 19 at 2 17 04 PM

And we’re only halfway through October.